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You’ll also have an opportunity to join us for ongoing classes and save $47! After feeling how this method can be useful for you and your health, you can register to attend classes as a member of Marin Feldenkrais.

“I met Ruti in a yoga class and learned she was a Feldenkrais practitioner. I’ve been curious about Feldenkrais is I began taking her classes offered through Zoom. Ruti’s teaching is clear, precise and at a slow pace. This allows me to become aware of my body and clear patterns that are no longer benefiting me. It’s like training my brain! I love Ruti’s sense of humor, patience, story-telling and the way she cares about each student. Thank you, Ruti, for sharing your knowledge through teaching others!”

Joni DeGabriele

Membership advantages:
1. Access to live online classes twice a week.
2. Access to the video library that is updated weekly.
3. 25% off private session in person and virtual/
4. A free phone consultation once in a quarter.

Use the code save47 when you check out to receive a discount of $47. This coupon will be available for use for a limited period of time.

Feldenkrais Class Membership SAVE $47

$147.00 on the 1st day of every 3rd month with a 30-day free trial

As a member your payment is $147 for the first three months when you register and $147 for each additional three months of your membership.
You’ll receive-
1. Access to a rotating library of videos.
2. Access to all live lessons.
3. 25% discount for private session in person or via zoom during your membership period.
4. Access to book a free phone session per quarter for any issues arising in your daily life.

Your membership is recurring and your subscription will be automatically renewed. You can cancel at any time. Your mid-term subscription will be pro-rated so that you’re only paying for the remainder of the subscription for that period.




Group Feldenkrais Class – Thursday 6-13-24

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $20.00.

The weekly Feldenkrais class has a different focus each week, addressing a different area of your body. During class, find a comfortable space on a carpet or Yoga mat. If it’s difficult to get down to the floor, you can also do this lesson on your bed. If you need to elevate your head, fold a towel or two. Don’t roll them so your head will not be restricted from moving.

Make sure to:
Move slowly, gently and make small movements.
If you feel pain, do smaller movements.
If you still feel pain, do it in your imagination.
At the end, make sure to take your time getting up.

These classes are available as part of a quarterly ongoing membership with additional bonuses or one class at a time on this page.
To register by subscription, click here.


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