Feldenkrais Practitioner & Reiki Healer


1. How long will it take me to feel the results?

You will feel a difference immediately after the first lesson and it is a process to help the changes stick.

2. What to do when I can’t do some of the instructions?

Please don’t force what you can not do since it will only cause more pain and limitation. Imagine that movement and by doing so that will improve with time.

3. Does it require strength?

No – both the group classes of awareness through movement and the private lessons of Functional integration are slow and gentle movements.

4. I have a lot of movement limitation, can I still participate in the Feldenkrais Method classes?

Yes. It is an exploration of movement from where we are at – This is your base line now. What you can not do you will work with your imagination. Your baseline will improve each time and your base line will change due to that.

5. Can you do this method at any age?

There is no age limitation. You always do what you can without force.

The rest you use your imagination.

6. I’m in a great condition. What can this method offer me?

There is no limit for improving. You can do more with less effort. When you are aligned on your skeleton and your bones carry your weight you will gain more balance and less probability for injuries while working out or doing your every day chores.

7. How does the Feldenkrais method work?

These gentle slow movements help raising your awareness. Awareness is the key for learning. Your brain will always choose the easiest way for movement, all it needs is new possibilities to form new connections and to choose from. We are giving the brain by different movement with awareness new learning options. With time the new connection will be a base for new habits that will replace the ones that caused the discomfort and pain.

8. Can Feldenkrais help with chronic pain?

Yes. By rewiring neural pathways, your body can learn to move with more ease and stop using small muscles to practice movements that meant for larger muscles.

9. Is it hard to do Feldenkrais if I’ve never done it before?

No. the movements are slow and gentle and you don’t start with complicate instructions. As you practice it more your awareness will get better and better and so will your learning experience.

10. Is it difficult to become a Feldenkrais practitioner?

Anyone can go through the Feldenkrais Method training.

This training takes four years.

Ruti’s enthusiasm and dedication to the Feldenkrais method comes across clearly in every session. Direction is clear and precise while encouraging students to listen to our own bodies first, and her instruction second. I deeply appreciate this permission and support of our innate somatic intelligence. I feel blessed to have found her online especially during this time of isolation. Ruti‘s work is readily available and an affordable method of self-care. The world would be better if everyone were doing Feldenkrais! Again, many thanks Ruti

~ Julie Mcguinness

Ruti is a generous practitioner who loves her work and loves sharing her knowledge, wisdom, humor and heart with her clients.

I am lucky to have experienced all of these quality’s from her.

~ Adva Mey

I enjoyed taking Ruti Gorel’s online Feldenkrais class. She is an excellent teacher. Her clear explanations and exercises helped me to reduce the tension in my back and move with greater ease.

~ Daria C.

I have been taking Ruti’s Feldenkrais class for a many weeks, after it was recommended to me by my Pilates instructor for a constant and growing hip pain. After one class I found my movement to be freer, and after a few sessions the pain noticeably lessened. Now I am not only almost 100% pain free, but I am also experiencing other benefits from Ruti’s Feldenkrais lessons including better range of body motion giving me improved strength and stamina in my Pilates and Yoga class, and more relaxed breathing. Rui is a knowledgeable, talented, caring instructor and I highly recommend her classes.

~ Jody Privette Young

Novato resident and business professional


How It Works

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

Gentle, mindful movement that brings new awareness and possibility into every aspect of your life

Who can use the Feldenkrais Method?

Anyone that would like to feel better and have more energy and vitality

How does Feldenkrais work?

By stimulating the brain to create new neural pathways that enable optimal movement and function