Feldenkrais Practitioner & Reiki Healer

“Ruti Gorel is an excellent Feldenkreis teacher. In her class I’ve been attending at the YMCA, she focuses on making sure everyone is comfortable and helps them to make the movements correctly. I appreciate her kindness and patience. One of my psychotherapy clients who has physical limitations was looking for a Feldenkreis instructor. I referred her to Ruti. She was pleased with Ruti’s expertise and found the private session with her helpful.”

~ Marcia Naomi Berger

LCSW Psychotherapist, Speaker, Executive Coach

“Ruti is a generous practitioner who loves her work and loves sharing her knowledge, wisdom, humor and heart with her clients.

I am lucky to have experienced all of these quality’s from her.”

~ Adva Mey

“I have been taking Ruti’s Feldenkreis classes for almost 2 years. What a difference it has made for my body. First of all, I really enjoy spending time with Her! She is always upbeat and very caring . She gives such personal attention to each student, noticing if something seems to be bothering you and addresses it. I have been learning how to “Train My Brain” to properly move my body which results in a “smoothness” of motion, releases, and decreasing discomfort.”

~ Susan Diego

“Ruti Gorel has been working with me over the past few months as a private Feldenkrais practitioner. She is not only inspirational to listen to as an instructor, but I have experienced a great amount of improvement with areas in my body that I have struggled with over the years. Ruti is a thoughtful, intelligent, enthusiastic and kind instructor. She observes one’s individual needs and makes sure that one is comfortable every step of the way. She has a keen eye and makes sure that you are tuned in.

She is a wonderful person and I feel very safe under her instruction. The results have proven to be excellent! “

~ Eva

Artist, Mill Valley

“I have been taking Ruti’s Feldenkrais class for a many weeks, after it was recommended to me by my Pilates instructor for a constant and growing hip pain. After one class I found my movement to be freer, and after a few sessions the pain noticeably lessened. Now I am not only almost 100% pain free, but I am also experiencing other benefits from Ruti’s Feldenkrais lessons including better range of body motion giving me improved strength and stamina in my Pilates and Yoga class, and more relaxed breathing. Rui is a knowledgeable, talented, caring instructor and I highly recommend her classes.”

~ Jody Privette Young

Novato resident and business professional

“Ruti has helped me in so many ways with my neck, shoulder, hip and back issues. I have mild scoliosis but also have issues from a bad neck injury.

She is so very caring and thoughtful. She picks the classes I’ve taken with such thoughtfulness for the best results. I’ve been able to make excellent progress in maintaining and re-educating my subconscious mind to move and rest in a much more effortless manner. I’m finding myself adjusting with small adjustments my posture in sitting and standing, finding my true center and relaxed balance.
I’ve also taken private classes with her hands using super gentle movements, that she uses to support my bodies path towards being pain free and supple. I’m so grateful to have found her!”

~ Stephanie Miller

MT (Massage Therapist) with over 25 years experience

“Ruti is a professional instructor. She cares about the seniors and make them feel comfortable. She communicates well and fulfills their wants and needs. Ruti keeps everyone safe and happy in class.

She teaches the Feldenkrais Method. It is a phenomenal practice for spine and brain health. She is knowledgeable, adaptable, flexible, responsible and reliable.

Ruti will make a great addition to any team she joins. I totally recommend her services.”

~ Steven Cartacki

Peace of Mind Program Manager Hired Hands Home Care

“I enjoyed taking Ruti Gorel’s online Feldenkrais class. She is an excellent teacher. Her clear explanations and exercises helped me to reduce the tension in my back and move with greater ease. “

~ Daria C.

“Ruti has been teaching weekly Feldenkrais classes at Novato Pilates since February, 2018.  She is a conscientious and reliable employee who is always on time and provides us with the information we need to advertise her upcoming classes in a timely manner.

Ruti is a well-trained, conscientious and caring instructor to her students, and pays close attention to their physical and mental states so as to more specifically help them in their movements.  Her students have reported improved range of motion, reduction of pain, and feelings of well-being from taking her classes.  We highly recommend Ruti as a Feldenkrais instructor.”

~ Rose Thomas and Gretchen Turzo

Co-owners of Novato Pilates