TMJ workshop – 3 days


How can Feldenkrais help with TMJ? This three day Zoom workshop is designed to help you overcome the pain and challenges associated with TMJ.

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In this three day workshop your brain will build new pathways with  awareness through movement. Unnecessary tensions will slowly melt away and you'll regain more  freedom in your jaw and neck. Changes will be felt throughout your body.

Using gentle, slow and small movements that focus on freeing neck muscles to retrain the brain so the weight of the head will be carried by the skeleton and not by the neck. Neck pain and headaches are often associated with TMJ syndrome. This has proven to be very helpful. Jaw tension will decrease along with jaw locking.

Day 1: Saturday October 17th 9:30AM PDT - noon
Day 2: Saturday October 24th 9:30AM PDT - 11:30AM
Day 3: Saturday October 31st 9:30AM PDT - 11:30AM